Vicki has been reading for individuals and groups since 1981. While working in various positions for twenty years requiring her undergraduate degree in Social Work and her Master's degree in Education, Special Education, she always used her intuitive abilities to help others. The clairaudience and clairvoyance progressed through the years, just as they had when she was growing up as a child. Her mentoring from other mediums promoted her abilities. She took classes to help focus her sensitivities so that they could become more productive in helping others. As she states, "It is harder to turn the information off than to turn it on, one has to concentrate vigorously. Eventually it becomes a matter of self-preservation. It is not like what some people may think, I don't listen in unless given permission, besides I am living in this world and just check in now and then on the other ones. A constant stream of all those impressions would knock my head off my shoulders. When people ask what I do for a living and I tell them, sometimes I am looking for that other head that their gaze might imply. I am not reading them when introduced to someone new. If I am asked then I have trained myself to turn the switch on and work hard for my clients. The side effect of going into that state of consciousness or semi-trance is that I do not remember information I give. But the clients have it and they can refresh my memory and I can almost always go back to them instead of another person or soul who may be around for curiosity sake. Readings work the best the less I know about someone, so I ask people in the beginning to please not tell me why they are calling. For long time clients, yes, there is more remembering, but still not all the details. There are always exceptions. For instance if someone wants assistance with an estranged person...well then let's go hunting from the comfort of the reading room. If someone wants to be entertained, they need to look up entertainers, because what I do is very serious and delicate work."
As a writer, she has been published by several local magazines. She was a staff writer and Photographer for Carolina Civic Voice for almost 4 years, and eventually developed a column appropriately named "From The Reading Room." She has written for the "Bald Head Island Gazette", and "Eastern Spirit." As a columnist for Innerchange magazine she developed "Voices From The Coast" a regional description in essay form about the area where she lives. Later she wrote a column "Rituals and Traditions of World Religions" for the magazine. For a total of over four years people all over North Carolina and Virginia enjoyed her contributions to the hard copies and on-line publications. Readers interested may find other works by writers, and her work may still be found if one cares to visit
In 1996 Vicki created what would become a full-time private independent practice which continues to grow due to demand. Her readings are very detailed, rarely vague. Years of crisis intervention work and short-term counseling have been very useful for people who receive a session. Some readers give information only but Vicki assists in the processing of the content for her clients; strictly with their permission. All sessions are tape recorded and given to the client so they may refer to the information and counsel as a working tool. (Phone readings are not recorded, but people are encouraged to take notes). The readings tend to be comprehensive, therefore, average reading time is two hours. However if a client has all the information sought in an hour, then the work is completed. Every reading is individualized.
Vicki has authored more than 50 funded grants to establish, direct and maintain standards in shelters for human abuse victims. She also developed a training program for law enforcement on spousal and partner abuse. Both standards and training programs were used in several Midwest states. In addition she wrote a manual to train volunteers in the prevention, intervention, and treatment of sexual assault victims. She authored yet another text to assist shelters in the Midwest; specifically to help her staff in the counseling of families in crisis. The manual was written for parents and their children as an aide for family members to better communicate and problem-solve while living in the shelter. The manual also proved to have a positive statistical impact on recidivism rate. In other words, people were less likely to return to abusive relationships because of guidance and follow-up after leaving a shelter. Again, the manual was adopted and implemented for several hundred shelters across the Midwest. She served on the Governor's Commission for the Handicapped in Indiana. As a Lobbyist for Indiana's health care industry she advocated for the needs of treatment for people with mental and physical handicapping conditions living in long term care facilities, also referred to as nursing homes.
Upon returning to her native land, North Carolina, she continued her grantsmanship work raising funds for people with multi-handicaps. She has worked in the field of special education as a front-line worker and program director. She has taught in the classroom for people with severe and profound emotional challenges. Vicki also taught adults with behavioral and learning disabilities at a rural community college.
     As a medium and psychic Vicki reads on the phone or in-person.  She has worked with law enforcement on several murder cases and with family members on missing and tragic death situations.  She worked for MTV as a consultant to cast and crew in the filming of FEAR, and was called back to be on-camera to walk through a military academy and give her psychic impressions for a second episode.  She has read live for individuals on talk radio in Wilmington, North Carolina. 
     She mentors as an intuition development teacher, and has taught small classes. She prefers teaching privately one on one in regards to development training.  As a Reiki Master she has taught Reiki healing I, II, and III to groups and individuals.  People have come to her for readings and body work (Reiki) from all around the United States, Canada, and Italy. Vicki will make a referral to another reader if necessary. Although this does not happen often, the client’s needs are most important. Her services are not meant to replace traditional therapy or traditional medicine. Rather they are meant as a complement.
     In a theta state of consciousness Vicki begins a reading session without any tools such as tarot cards, pendulum, horoscope or numerology.  She can use these at the request of her client but they are not necessary in her approach.  She is clairaudient and can gain information on-site, or when activity has been detected or suspected. She has been paid to travel to several states for these and other reasons to assist in various cases.
     She is currently working on gathering testimonials for a book.  Most clientele do not want to reveal their identity.  Her highest ethic is confidentiality.  As a remote viewer she also is careful not to psychic eavesdrop.
     Vicki enjoys photography, scuba diving, playing the djembe and singing the lyrics to songs she has written. She also likes to climb trees and is an active environmentalist.



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