Through the years folks have expressed what my services have meant to them. On this page are several representative of the various types of work I have had the pleasure to be involved. Thank you to the kind people who gave permission to use their names.

General Readings

"I felt genuine comfort with myself and all my life choices. This may be due to the messages I received from my mother who has been deceased for ten years. Vicki relayed the message to me just as she heard it. I could for the first time in 10 years hear my mother's voice! Vicki radiates a special blend of magic and warmth that can relax any soul. Have you ever been so amazed to ask, how do they do that? That was my experience, and it was on the phone, I have never met her."

Jinger Brumley
Lincolnton, NC

Missing Persons

"We talked to five psychics, they all said he was dead but Vicki. The missing persons organization had a psychic faxing in a map where his body was supposed to be. We thought she was wrong, until he called to let us know he was alive. It was just like Vicki said it would be."

Laura Barber
Bolivia, NC

Spiritual Consulting to Individuals and Groups

"She is fantastic, accurate, very good to work with. The cast of MTV's FEAR remembered what Vicki said about protection when they were frightened."

Tony Lipton
Bevery Hills, CA

Emotional Healing

"I am not angry anymore regarding the abuse and infidelity, I have forgiven him. I truly have let go of the pain, I wonder if you know how much you reach out and help people. I truly believe my healing began with the Reiki session with you and my visit with Father Jim."

Lora Lee Smith
Wilmington, NC


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