Vicki Merbler, MAEd.
"Beauty is in our shared truths."

Spirit Medium, Psychic, Intuition Development Teacher, Master Reiki Healer

  • Accessing ethereal channels – messages from loved ones
  • Precognition & retrocognition – past, present, and potential future
  • Identification of physical discomforts resulting from emotional residue
  • Intuition development and training
  • Locating missing or estranged persons
  • Crisis intervention in relationship issues
  • Tarot reading upon request; tarot teacher
  • Consultation and support for psychic readers
  • Reiki Teaching I, II, & III
  • Past life regression therapy
  • Medium and psychic for owners of domestic and friends to the wild animals
  • Spiritual and human purpose channeling and counseling

Experience a reading in one of Vicki's nuturing environments
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